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puppy rustyMy Dog Rusty

I have a dog named Rusty that I got when he was 10 weeks old. He is a mixed breed of a Yorkie & Shitzu. Rusty was given to me as a birthday gift and he was the best gift ever. Rusty is the cutest little thing and I fell right in love with this puppy, he is well-behaved and  trained good. At full-grown he will weigh no more than 16 pounds.


This breed of dogs are very intelligent, they are easy to train, have a life span of about 10-15 years. As mine grew over the years I found that Rusty could understand things we said to him, like we would tell him to go to his box and get his bear and he would bring it to us. He knew when we were going for a car ride so he would run to the door and wait for us. They also can sense how you are feeling and what mood your in. Rusty was very easy to train and a wonderful pet.

Taking Photossun shades

Dogs at times can be very photogenic and you can get some pretty nice photos at the right moment. Rusty growing I decided to start taking pictures of him to see how he had grown over the years. I did an album and its amazing to look through it and see the different colors his fur had changed, how much he had grown, doing tricks we taught him.

Dressing UpRusty

They have such cute outfits for dogs and I had coats and boots for my dog. As him being of a small breed and not weighing over 16 pounds full-grown the winter months were hard on him. We decided to get him some coats and boots so he wouldn’t be cold when we took him outside. The coat was easy to get on him but when it came to the boots that was another story, he just didn’t want them on. After we finally got them on him he just sat there and wouldn’t move, tried to pull them off. The best time I like dressing him up is for Christmas because he looks cute in red.


Depending on how dogs are trained and cared for they can become good pets, companions. Most of all treated right they can become a friend for life and always be with you when ever you need them.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about my dog or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below


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