chick-a-dee in cupSome Natures Animals

Let’s take a look at a few of natures animals. There are so many species, I wouldn’t be able to write about them all. This post is about my taking photos of natures animals and my personal joy of photographing them.


Raccoon are mischievous animals that can get into everything. Raccoon very smart and sometimes figure things out. They have a mask on their face to make them look like robbers. A friend of mine has about 20-30 raccoon on her step every morning waiting to be feed. Raccoon so cute even though they can be pest at times. I visited her they summer in Prince Edward Island and was surprised at how close they would come to us being wild animals. Close enough to take food out of our hands. It’s also a good idea to let them come to you as they are timid animals too, even though we think we can make them into pets it is much better to let them live in their own habitat in they wild.

Picture Perfect

In one photo you can see me feeding a raccoon and if you notice the animals eyes you will see them looking straight at me. He’s on his guard if I happen to make a quick move. The other picture is of my grandson waiting for the raccoon to come and take the food out of his hand and trying not to move at the same time.

Blue Jays

I think Blue Jays are a very distinct looking bird. the white, blue, and black colors on them seems to blend in the right places to give them that look. I have feeders in my back yard so I do get to photo them year round. We always make sure that there is food in the feeders for them as it is hard to find food in the winter months, and I also get to take close-up shots of them. It makes you wonder sometimes how they survive the cold months but they do and are back every year.


Chickadees are another bird I like to take photos of. Raccoon hard to get close to as most birds are but with a good camera and a good zooming lens it is possible to get some good shots of them. These little bird have a gray back, white chest and they look like they have a black cap on their head. It sounds like they got their name from their chirping which sometimes sound like they are saying they word chickadee. They eat insects, spiders and seeds and mostly live in wooded areas.


Even though we think it would be nice to have them as house pets, most of they time they end up not surviving in our home environment. Natures animals are to be keep in they wild and not in homes. We can enjoy them just as much in their own habitat by taking photos as reminders of how beautiful they are when in their own surroundings.


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