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Only You  Can Make Your Dreams Come True
Along the St John River in New Brunswick Canada

4 thoughts on “Portfolio”

  1. These pics are fabulous! I especially love the fact that all the pictures are of very different subjects. I really like “Walking the Trails”. It makes me feel like I am outside in the warmth of the summer months having a nice hike in the open air.The Monarch Butterfly is beautiful! When I was a kd, I loved to see those beautiful butterflies in my backyard.

    1. Well Thank you Dave. I love phtographing nature and all the beauty it has to show us. I still have a long way to go to get my site where I want it, but there will be more stunning picture for people to enjoy down the road.

      Thank You for the comment


  2. Hi Missy beautiful and inviting photos they are as the have great color and radiance. I was not able to enlarge them on my mobile device for some reason on my iPhone. Or maybe it’s just set up as a conglomerate. I will recommend you to my peers when the subject comes up

    1. Thank you for the comment Andrew. Im sorry you couldnt enlarge them but as I am just starting this business and learning it. I’ve always loved taking pictures and there will be more to come in time. Again thank you

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