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camera kitProduct: Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera Bundle

Price: $699.99

Cheapest place to by:

Guarantee: 1 Year

My Ratings: 9-10

The Canon Camera+Bundle Product Overview

The Camera bundle comes complete with all accessories which include the camera, auxiliary wide angle lens,2 32GB memory cards, camera case, flash light, camera bag, battery pack, car/home charger, tripod and much more.

When I first started taking pictures I used a Sony Samsung camera for my pictures and that’s when I found I loved to take photos. I decided to look for a better camera and came across the Canon Rebel and decided to do some research on it.

The Camera is a APS C format digital SLR camera with a 18MP CMOS sensor and a 4+ image sensor.It has a IOS range from 100-12800,multi shot noise reduction.accurate color and can shoot up to

The Lens has is an 18-55mm II lens compatible with Canon APS C format cameras and a focal length range of 18-55mm. There is also two 32GB memory cards with the bundle.

The Auxiliary Wide Angle Lens conveniently mounts to the front of your fixed or zoom lens and the commander 2.2x telephoto lens brings you closer to the action.lens


Why I like The Canon Rebel Camera

Taking photos with it makes you see pictures in a whole new light. The photos are much clearer and you can see all the details in the pictures. It’s compact you can take it anywhere and it’s the best camera I’ve ever invested in and I’m so glad I did. It makes my photography so much better. So if your passion is photography this may be just the one for you.

The whole bundle is with every penny and I don’t think people will be disappointed by it. Everything a photographer needs to capture their most precious memories, their adventures and much more

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Canon Rebel Kit or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


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